As we start to move through the biggest health crisis the World has seen for generations, and start to build a new ‘normal’, we will see a new wave of mental health issues, especially  within our education sector. Children will have become comfortable staying home with the safety of their parents, others will have suffered whilst staying home, for many different reasons, isolation, missing friends, or worse.The health of those Young minds affected by the pandemic will be enormous, putting extra strain on teachers, parents & carers.

As adults we have all been impacted in many different ways. And the way we think has a direct influence on our behaviours. It is important at this time that we put our own wellbeing at the forefront to ensure we are best placed to support others. And this is where our project is different. We are here to support you too.

Our mission at #ProjectRainbow is to coach as many People as we can to support those Young minds as they learn to cope with life again, and do so from a position of personal strength.
We aim to run our Mental Health Awareness course through Education settings, to give teachers, parents and caregivers the skills to support each and every child. So if you’re a school, college, nursery or childminder please get in touch to arrange your course.

Parents,  please let your child’s education setting know if you would like them to access the course for you to be involved too.

3 young people in every classroom struggle with their mental health, even before the pandemic



providing Mental Health Awareness coaching

for Children, Teachers, Parents & Carers.



A full day course (or 2 half days) to give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to support Young Minds Mental Health following Covid-19



Supporting Young minds to Balance & Flourish




As Co-founder of #ProjectRainbow and Director/trainer of her own company, Flourish in Mind. Jen is Approved by Mental Health First Aid England to deliver a range of their training products along with over 13 years practical experience of being a People Leader and an accredited business coach she can support you to make the learning outcomes work for your Colleagues and students.




As Co-founder of #ProjectRainbow and an Accredited Life, Business and Young Person Coach, NLP & Mindfulness Practitioner along with a Certificate in Trauma & PTSD coaching

for her own Company Find Your Balance.

Zoe is passionate about enabling others and harnessing their potential, with over 20 years experience as a People Leader, she has proven coaching strategies that will support you and your team to Nurture the Mental Health of Young Minds.



The course consists of 4 Modules:-


Module 1: Introduction to mental health

  • What influences mental health

  • A look into the impact of Covid-19 

  • The power of thought (how it influences our emotions and behaviors as well as how thought impacts us physically. 

  • An introduction to the Mind Monkey

Module 2: Managing your mental health

  • Stress container model

  • Identifying when you are stressed looking at the different signs

  • Techniques of managing your mental health

  • Why being proactive around your wellbeing is so important

  • 5 ways to wellbeing 

  • Every Mind Matters Mind plan as a tool

  • Recovery- realistic view. People change over time. Recovery isn’t about being who you were before


Module 3: Supporting children and Young adults

  • 4 x 20 minute lesson plans around mental health awareness, to support each Key Stage, with teacher notes and support on delivery. Can be used in small group settings, class delivery or assemblies.

  • Video’s will be provided to support your delivery of these lessons.


Module 4: Supporting Colleagues and parents/Carers

  • How are you feeling as this will impact your effectiveness and ability to support someone else. Spotting the signs

  • Empathy and sympathy – listening without prejudice

  • What to say/what not to say

  • Videos provided by to support Your colleagues and parents of the children.

Workbook and supporting information provided for each delegate.


Follow up via email and newsletters to ensure ongoing support.


The course is bookable at an investment of £450 for upto 4 people, additional people will be charged at £50 per person.


The course will be presented live via Zoom, will be fully interactive with lots of opportunity to ask questions and discuss your new skills, and will last approximately 8 hours (booked as one full day or two half days).

The program can be self funded by the school, nursery or college.

We can also support you with fundraising opportunities to cover the cost of the program too.



Is a Not for Profit social enterprise

We are crowdfunding to be able to support as many Young minds as possible.

Find out how you can help here

Altenatively if you want to set up an individual crowdfunder to run the program for your School, college or nursery, contact us using the form below.

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