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Project Rainbow aims to build suitable accommodation for the children's and young people's activities at St Mary's Church White Waltham.

At St Mary's White Waltham we offer a warm welcome and have members of all ages from 0 to over 90!.  Our congregation comes from all over the Maidenhead area.  We particularly reach out into our diverse local communities of White Waltham, Woodlands Park, Littlefield Green and Paley Street.

We want to encourage and support families as they bring their children up in the 21st century by:

  • equipping them to meet the challenges facing them in today's modern world.
  • enabling them to develop self-confidence within the Christian framework that underpins our society.
  • helping them to make the right decisions as they grow up in today's world.
  • providing a point of contact where young families can come when they need support.

We currently have four Sunday morning groups for our young people. With insufficient accommodation at the church, three of these groups meet in a building over a quarter of a mile from St Mary's which, because the dangerous winding country road has no pavement for some of the way, requires a car journey. Despite our best efforts, this situation isolates our young families from the rest of our church community.

Our plan is to construct purpose-built accommodation for our children's and young people's groups within the grounds of our church building.  Once this new building opens we will be able to welcome our families as we would wish to: as integral members of our church community rather than their being isolated at a distance, as they currently are.  It is only by getting to know young families well that they will come to us in times of need for support and reassurance. See an artist's impression of the planned building on the front page.

The new building will give potential for growth and create a learning environment in which, through Christian teaching, young people will be helped to understand how to make the right decisions about their lives. Above all, we want to offer a safe, secure and loving environment in which children, and their families, are nurtured.

Looking to the future, it is important that all children are encouraged to be actively involved and engaged in their local community and environment. Here at St Mary's, Project Rainbow will reach out and encourage more young people to embrace the Christian values that will help them to become responsible citizens and to make a positive contribution to society.